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Dear Gentlemen, Polaris greets you on February 23!

Dear Gentlemen, Polaris greets you on February 23!

Dear gentlemen, please receive the warmest greetings from POLARIS! On February 23 we wish you a warm family home, realization of your most ambitious ideas, and professional victories.

To soar above the earth
In Perseus’s winged sandals,
To grasp the stars
In the constellation of Aquarius,
The gods have given the man – and were amazed by how mighty he became Ц
Faith and pliers, a dream and a monkey wrench.
Wars, epochs, continents, and cities may change,
The manТs always busy with his sword, his screwdriver, and his plow.
May stars explode,
May ZeusТs thunder roll,
In the manТs hand safe are
The Tree, the Son, and the House!

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